The Piggybackpack

The Piggybackpack is a light-weight option for carrying and transporting bigger children, that transfers the weight of the rider from the carrier’s back and shoulders, and redistributes it on the hips. This innovative design makes things more comfortable for both the rider and the carrier, and enables parents to carry bigger children with ease and comfort.

Chest Harness
All Piggybackpacks come with a backrest that has side straps to help keep the rider on board.

Since the first production run, we have learned that the bulkiness of the backrest sometimes out weighs its benefits.
So we now offer harnesses that strap around the rider’s chest and shoulders and then straps around the parent.
It is nice to have the rider’s snug to you so that you can feel they are well balanced and it helps to get their weight over your feet.
The harnesses come in four sizes based upon the riders size.

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Inspiring Stories

“This product is an indispensable item for child rearing – essential for active parents who want to hike and have an older, larger child who is too big for the currently available carrier setups. It is intuitive, easy to adjust, and very well made. It puts an end to the misery of hiking and carrying a child when they run out of steam.”
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