What Ages is it For?

It is great for four, five and six year olds. Most two and three year olds like it. Older kids like it as long as parents are strong. We have many older kids and disabled adults that are riders.

How Much Can the Pack Hold?

It is very strong. It can carry as much as you can.

How Many Sizes Does the Pack Come In?

One size fits most. Parents as short as 4′ 6″ and as tall as 6′ 7″ use the pack. Kids as young as two and as old as 80 have been riders!

Does it Come With a Backrest?


Does the Under Seat Bag Come with the Pack?


How Long Does it Take to Ship?

Packs are usually shipped in 0 to 1.5 business days, typically UPS or USPS. Expedited shipping available on the purchase page.

How Do I Get a Harness?

The harness goes around the rider’s chest and shoulders. The harness then buckles around the parent. It is good if you worry about your rider holding on and it helps to keep them snug to the parent which helps to get their weight over your feet. It costs an extra $20 and comes in four sizes:

  • Small – For riders with chest size 20″ – 26″, typically under 50lbs
  • Medium – For riders with chest size 23″ – 29″, typically 50-100lbs
  • Large – For riders with chest size 26″ – 32″, typically 100-125lbs
  • XL – For riders with chest size 30″ – 40″, typically 125-150lbs
What Options Are Available?

Harnesses, as discussed above, for $20.

Custom second stirrup rungs for riders over 5′ tall (these packs are not returnable) for $20.

How Big is the Pack?

Fully assembled (without the backrest), it fits under most airplane seats and under your feet on many amusement park rides.

If you are good at assembly, the seat and frame can easily be taken off to make it even more compact.

Why is There Not More Padding on the Shoulder Straps?

If you’re carrying the load on your shoulders, you’re missing the point to get the weight transferred through the frame to your hips. Keep the waistband tight, the chest strap snug and the shoulder straps a little loose.

How Much Does the Pack Weigh?
  • The seat is 28oz
  • The frame is 24oz
  • The waistband is 23oz
  • The shoulder straps are 8ox
  • The minimal system weight is 5.2lbs
  • The under seat bag is 4oz
  • The backrest with clap is 34oz
Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes! See the order page for shipping costs.

What is the Return Policy?

30-day money-back for standard packs and harnesses.

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“This product is an indispensable item for child rearing – essential for active parents who want to hike and have an older, larger child who is too big for the currently available carrier setups. It is intuitive, easy to adjust, and very well made. It puts an end to the misery of hiking and carrying a child when they run out of steam.”
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