XL Harness (chest size 30-40")

The standard pack comes with a backrest and strap as seen in the picture with the young girl carrying the baby boy.

An extra harness is available if you want to clip your little one in and pull them snug to you


If you have questions, call Kendra at 505-750-0789 or Jeff at 505-604-8316 or eMAIL


For ages 3 and up

PiggyBackPack (backrest with strap included)

When you don't want to haul a stroller and they're too big for a baby backpack, bring the PiggyBackPack with you.

For Active Parents

Patented design transfers the weight to your hips.  The load is not on your shoulders and not compressing your spine.

Large Harness (chest size 26-32")
Medium Harness (chest size 23-29")

The pack is designed for parents between 4'-6" and 6'-6" tall. 

If your rider is over 4'-9" tall, please call us to review your options.

Packs typically ship within 1.5 business days of ordering.

Standard delivery typically takes about one week.

Priority delivery typically takes 2-3 business days.

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Small Harness (chest size 20-26")
Option ($20)

  • Hiking

  • Travelling

  • Shopping

  • Amusement Parks

  • Zoos

  • Fitness